Makeup Guide: The essential makeup starter kit

Makeup is not simple, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. I have broken down the essentials here in this makeup guide. I hope you guys find it useful.

  1.  Base
    1. Foundation
    2. Concealer
    3. Powder

A flawless and even base is necessary for your makeup to look good. Even if you have perfect skin a good foundation will still everything look better because makeup products blend better with a proper base.

  1. Eye makeup
    1. Neutral Palette

The key to choosing the right neutral palate is that it can double as a highlighter and even a contour if needed.

  1. Eyeliner (pencil)
  2. Mascara
  1. Face makeup
    1. Contour
    2. Blush

Yes, these are important. Once you apply foundation your face will look very two dimensional. Ideally your contour should be a couple of shades darker than your skin tone and the color should be on the cooler side. You are creating shadows here and it is essential to seamlessly blend the product into the hollows of your cheek your jawline anywhere you think you think you need to add shadows, (think nip/tuck).

I know when you have darker skin and do not visibly blush you don’t see the need for a blush, I have been there. A blush just awakens your wake, it creates the illusion of blood flow and brightness. Be strategic with the blush, do not just pile it on the apples of your cheeks. That will lead to a killer clown aesthetic. Blend the blush with your contour and remember to blend upwards to your temples to lift your face.

  1. Lips

You need a variety. Bold, nude, and extravagant. The right lip color can totally make a look. Choosing the right lip color is not easy. Especially when it comes to nudes for melanin rich girls. There are a ton of pretty-pink nudes out there that will look ashy on us. Then there are rich browns that if you chose a shade too light it will wash you out. It is about balancing out the depth of your skin to that you want in your lips. Experiment, always try new things.

5. Primer and Setting spray

These are self-explanatory. The primer primes and prepares your skin for makeup. The setting spray sets it and increases the longevity of the look.

  • Color Corrector is the most important thing for a Brown Girl. To even out hyper pigmentation and prevent ashy-ness. I intent to make another post on this very soon because once I learned how much better it made look I’ve been hooked.


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