A Guide to Makeup: Part 1 (How to buy the right foundation?)

Being an amateur in the beauty world is not simple, it is an incredible journey that I do not have the compass for. However, I have discovered a couple tricks to surviving a makeup addiction and being broke. Admittedly I do want to try every new product in the market, but I have learned to make the most of everything I own.

One thing I have learned is to avoid buying complexion products online. It is more likely to be a fail compared to any other type of product. It is a no-brainer but seriously resist the temptation. There is only so much you can figure out based of description and the swatch provided. Complexion products like foundation and concealer are the base of your makeup and it must be a perfect match.

Undertones are really the toughest part of purchasing a foundation and you cannot determine it without truly looking at it against your skin. Yes, you might know that you have a yellow or an olive undertone but there is such a thing as the foundation being too yellow.

Both are the same shade but one is neutral and the other is warm! (NYX Total Control Drop Foundation)

You also must take into account if the product might oxidize and darken upon application. Or that product might cause a reaction from your skin.

I have a five-step system to buying the perfect product for you

  1. Scour the internet for products that might just work, so you know what you are looking for at the store. – Look at site like LiveTinted
  2. Get someone to help you pick out items that are of the same shade but different undertones because you need to find the closest match. – Thats what they are there for.
  3. Apply it to your jawline, so you find the foundation that matched both your face as closely as possible.
  4. At the store you obviously are going to look at other items, so I recommend trying the foundation first, so you know it blends and adapts to your skin.
  5. And then of course buy the one that works the best.

It might be difficult to find a product that matches your entire face, and this is where you will need a color corrector. We will talk about that in the next post. For now it important that your foundation matches your neck so that yo udon have a floating head when you apply makeup.





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