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Imagine a girl you notice simply because her skin is darker and her hair an unmanageable mess. That’s me! I promise I’m not mean or judgmental it is just the RBF syndrome.

The Gold Hourglass is the platform to share my life and survival tricks with all the other young women out there. I intend to not only share beauty tips but to also share what I’ve learned about surviving real life so far. In the past few years, however, I have immersed myself in makeup and beauty. It has become about more than just looking good for me, it is fun, and makeup is one of the major ways I express myself today.

I am constantly learning and growing. I really do think it is important to share my knowledge with everyone. Although I change my mind about what I want to do with my life all the time, I somehow find myself returning to the social media and blogging scene. Perhaps it is finally time for me to settle and create roots for myself.

In sum, this will be a lifestyle blog with a mix of beauty, fashion and other guidelines. I would like to think that my life has had some interesting turns and it is a unique experience that is not particularly common. It is a good reminder that none of us are on a straight path and we can always learn and adapt from the experience of others.

Who am I?

The first question that I should answer. What is The Gold Hourglass? Well, this is the title of my blog and it symbolizes me and my goals with this blog. My name Hema is of Sanskrit origins and the meaning of my name is literally gold. My full (first) name Hemapraba will translate to golden light in English. I grew up not loving my name and when I learned the meaning of it I fell in love with my name and that represents one of the first things about myself that I embraced. Then we have the hourglass element and that represent change over time and I figured an hourglass is a lot classier a term compared to a timer or something.


This blog is perhaps 10 years behind its time. Lifestyle bloggers seem to be a thing of the

past, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Just like everything else from the early 2000’s blogs can make a comeback too.

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