Makeup and Embracing Yourself

Makeup and beauty is a large part of many women’s lives. It is no longer just about looking good and simply fitting in. Makeup has given many women a voice of their own. Makeup allows women to come together and yet be their own individual. It is art and a statement.

As an art, makeup creates an avenue for self-expression. It allows adults to play with colors, make statements with color; to stand out or blend in.  Makeup for many is a coping mechanism, part of a self-care routine.

What Makeup means to me!

I know for me personally, makeup is a part of my self-care routine. I do it because I like spending time with myself and reminding myself that I am a priority despite my busy schedule. When everything else is by the books makeup allows me to be me, to experiment and break the rules. I have a found a community through this hobby. I love talking about cosmetics and bonding over likes and dislikes. There is something about makeup that allows for an easy conversation. It can vary and range from talking about ethics to discussing the market.

Speaking of the market, makeup has also created the need to promote diversity and inclusivity. The minorities constantly struggle with the makeup industry. It is simply like everything else in life. The lesser you are in numbers the fewer people care about your needs. If your kind is not spending as much you are not that important. That is what the current state of the market is telling us women of color.

For decades women tried to simply make things work and adapt but no more. Makeup users who are not all shades of beige have decided to rise and demand that their needs are fulfilled. Or many have begun to build their own brands one that caters to certain shades and covers a niche market.

Makeup may have simply been a hobby for many people but now it is had grown enough to make statements and create changes. The growth in the industry is reflecting the diversity in the world and the acceptance of beauty in every form. Colorism, discrimination, and ignorance are all being questioned simply by questioning the beauty industry. Cultural norms are slowly being morphed to welcome everyone of all shapes and sizes.

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